Trinkets Cereal


Trinkets Cereal is a fictional product, developed as a project in my final semester. My first task was to create a product name – The cereal was to be marketed towards children, so I brainstormed fun, unique words. After a couple of days, Trinkets came to mind, and it stuck. I then had to develop a '‘likeable’' character, to attract the eye of a youngster. I considered many animals before I started my drawing, but I realized a fox has never been featured on a cereal box (that I know of), and it had to be done. The project then moved to packaging layout – I had to develop the branding style, cereal arrangement, and character placement. My layout ended up skewing from the cereal norm (in terms of product placement), but I felt the design had an intriguing flow. The next step was final packaging design – I photographed the cereal in our studio, retouched the photo in Photoshop, imported it into Corel Draw, and finished the design.

After the design had been completed, I was then given the task to market the product to young adults (ages 19-24). This was an exciting task, considering from Day 1, the cereal has been targeted towards children (ages 5-10). I started with a quick sketch, and immediately knew my advertisement would be a photographed diorama. I decided I would drop the likeable character from the box, and replace it with a realistic, plastic model of a fox (to help young adults relate a bit easier with the brand character). With much enthusiasm, I moved to the digital comp which I drew in Photoshop. I established the layout of the diorama, and started building. I worked with cardboard, and acrylics, and finished it off with some decorative moss.

I was very happy with the final product packaging, and my print ad for Trinkets cereal.